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Conversation Between NYM-RMCF-DM and HoopsDrive

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  1. Kolarov and Nene in a deal for MArcelo and a Winger?
  2. is Marcelo available..? I've got Kolarov.
  3. Nene can't take it in Miami. He wants to go to Brazil and speak Portuguese with Ganso, Alves and Marcelo..and even Bastos. Besides Nene had a better year.
  4. already got a very similar player in Bastos (even plays in the same league lol)

    we could try something though it would be pretty difficult to strike a deal
  5. Nene is calling for you.
  6. Just a defensive player or a striker.
  7. what would you want in return?
  8. Yo, you interested in Nene? Anders Luis de Carvalho from PSG? 18 Goals and 14 assists.
  9. you're up in the soccer draft
  10. Well good then :P
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