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Conversation Between ThomasTomasz and Wrench

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  1. with the skips you are otc agian
  2. Otc
  3. Your up
  4. your up
  5. I just ended up posting all four, if its too many delete the 2nd two. If not can you fix the poll on this one? I forgot to make votes public. Thanks.
  6. Hey im going to post the NFL redraft teams in the main, if they could get a sticky that would be great - want me to only post 2? I have 4 games but doing 2 at a time would be fine.
  7. This will be a stupid question but is there anyway you can tell me StriveGreatness email he has set for password retrieveal? He is locked out after PSD went down yesterday and doesn't remember what email he used. Talking to him in the NFL Rd chat thing.
  8. Sweet thanks, my bad thought he had the power to do such a thing. Will remember from now on.
  9. You have powers in that forum, in the future if you need anything, Rush or I have to do that, we are the only ones with access.
  10. Yea if you can give mod powers that would be great, only messaged soop being I didn't know if you could. Not heard from him yet.
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