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Conversation Between Scoots and Giannis94

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  1. Lock up the Harden and Giannis thread while you're at it. It was created because both "played hard". Wtf. Really?
  2. What do you think about creating a general NCAA March Madness thread and stickying it in the NBA forum- I mean just to shoot the **** about the games bu also maybe touch on draft prospects. You mind if I create one?
  3. All to your mod buddies and see if my proposal is realistic. Between MTM and I. First one to mention or make reference to Giannis or embi (I can't mention embi, he Giannis in anyway) gets a 1 month ban no questions asked.
  4. Yo I'm hammered rit meow. Please don't bancne. Didn't say anything 6ers related. I think I ain't say anything I don't tink. Can discuss tomorrow if ye want
  5. waddup scoots. Given that the bucks and warriors game on Friday is a preview of the Finals, can this game get its own thread?
  6. Are you able to make votes from private to public? re: 2nd best player in east in NBA main. Misclicked.
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