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Conversation Between Eagles4Lyfe and unleashthebeast

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  1. My dude, long time no talk. We have mock offseason signups up right now and need a couple more players, if you’re interested here’s the sign up thread:
  2. If you think of a legit offer lemme know before my picks up because i have a clear idea of who will be up and who wont
  3. You ****
  4. Im keeping the pick.
  5. My 4 (up in 3 picks) and 7 for your pick and 8 plz
  6. No I wouldn't have, hah
  7. I wouldn't have taken that sorry. He wouldn't have lasted. But I have another pick coming up before u I csn deal you.

    Just curious would u have done pierce and ur pick coming up for that pick and the pick coming up?
  8. your pick otc and your 8th for my 4th (7th in the round) and my 7th
  9. where are you looking for upgrade wise to deal bynum
  10. Otc
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