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Conversation Between nastynice and Bigdaddyburch

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  1. lmao I was waiting for you to say something
  2. haha, I KNEW u loved brady. Can't blame you tho, after all he is not only the greatest qb to walk on a football field, but the greatest human to ever walk the earth.
  3. Oh I know. Its almost to good to believe. I never thought it would be this fast or good. Manning is just unreal. I swear its crazy. And the D. Yeah
  4. sup man. Ur boys is KILLIN it bro. I'm expecting a serious run from them
  5. Sup nasty?
  6. Hey nasty some Lions fan tried to come at me for the McFadden post. LOL you should go and back me up.
  7. Oh you know it. Its gonna be fun. Its the wild wild west once again. Good luck this year.
  8. lol, its alll gravy man. afc west gonna be dangerous this year, i can see denver catching fire. we'll make sure to put it out
  9. Naw I think Brady's long ball sucks too but so did Montana's. Oh and I agreed with you on the is AP the greatest. LOL Take it with a smile bro
  10. haha, I don't even know bro, I remember u love being sarcastic with the raiders so I saw ur name in a raider thread and just pulled the trigger. LOL!
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