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Conversation Between ******2017 and vladdy#27

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  1. Thank you
  2. If he has a sophomore slump it will look something like

    Avg .300 HR 25 2B 30 3B 10 OBP .375 SLG .525 SB 50 WAR 8.0

    I'll take it. And look at how sexy
  3. Most likely

    At least I get to watch Trout play though

  4. Because I am nothing without Angels Baseball :cry:
  5. I'm in hibernation until April 1st
  6. I've been a TM for like 2 years, so obviously.

    I havent been able to since the incident in the Fitness forum a long time ago
  7. But I havent been able to VM you for a long time, and its not like I just became a TM
  8. How did I get blocked from VMing you?
  9. Because Im bored?
  10. I can VM you again!
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