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Conversation Between BlinkManJan02 and WoodbridgeSkins

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  1. dang i was posting on the Hay thread and they closed it before i go it up. but i changed it a while ago, ill change it back sometime. and yeah they are hilarious, they need to be in more episodes. lol carl
  2. hey welcome back. yeah, after i got to 100 posts i couldnt figure out how to put a sig on. it is kind of hard, at least for me lol. click on User PC. if you cant find it just click Ctrl F, or Command F on a mac, then type in User PC. then just click on edit signature. just click and drag the pic of odom onto your desktop then upload. then it should be there
  3. I want that sig. Being that I am computer illiterate, maybe a little help.
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