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Conversation Between BlinkManJan02 and Norm

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  1. Ah I see. They still could be a 6 win team haha, if they lose out or go 1-9. Highly unlikely though. And I think I remember one Lions fan being pretty ridiculous on the boards, so it's probably the same one you were dealing with..det32 is a familiar name. And at least it's not a Vikings or Bears sig, or Cowboys. The Lions are tolerable.
  2. Before the season I said I wouldn't be surprised if the Lions are a 6 win team again and some guy was like sig bet? And I said sure, PM me before the season. Well I ended up putting that guy on ignore because he was the most annoying person in the world (det32). Then all these Lions guys wouldnt lay off on me because I didn't "honor the sig bet" so I said PM me a sig and I'll wear it all year if you guys just stfu about it.

    I wear sigs of other teams more than I do Packer stuff, doesn't really bother me.
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