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Conversation Between Paulie6986 and tsunami

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  1. Hey Paulie. How've you been?
  2. btw i still love your sig
  3. i can't believe these mets fans. did you know that nhl players have no skill or athleticism? apparently they don't, and the main reason in the mets forum is because nhl players aren't black...... i'm amazed at the ignorance on so many levels.
  4. Mod? You mean Super-Mod, plus a raise.

    I like the sig too....
  5. 20,000 posts.
    i'm sure they'll make me a mod any minute now.

    i'll just wait...
  6. Yes it is, and the Yankees are now winning 3-2 thanks to a teixeira 2 run (pop up to 2nd) HR.
  7. Still, 2 periods to go.

    But, my prediction still stands. Kings in six......

    BTW, is the Mets game on in Austin? In LA, it's blacked out.
  8. has the kings magical carriage turned back into a pumpkin?
  9. i don't think quick is going to give up another goal this season.
  10. nice game by the kings
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