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Conversation Between LaVar Ball and GREATNESS ONE

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  1. I love you Oscar man
  2. Sure bro
  3. You want to play in a NBA ATRD game?
  4. .
  5. Ugh so much anxiety as a Laker fan right now. I just donít want it to be Bron, AD, Kuz and a bunch of shooters. We need some Siakam/VanVleet type of guys who were difference makers.
  6. Which is why AEG will be doing their homework, we’ll see the #’s and hopefully they’re much smaller than Kobe’s #, so we can show him the benefits of being a Laker
  7. Yea he's all about New Balance. Let's see
  8. Bet he leaves soon, he was packing yesterday and decided to hit a free game. Lol he wasn’t even wearing a BlueJays hat.... idk man we will see
  9. But thatís just naturally how he is. My concern is that the parade was on Monday. What is he still doing in Toronto on draft day 3 days later? Shouldnít he be chilling back home in his crib in LA? Season over, itís officially the offseason.
  10. Did you see the clip? Lol he was so uncomfortable and didn’t even stand up and tip his cap ahaha
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