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Conversation Between ROY 2 MVP Braun and Norm

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  1. yeah i hear ya on that i bet on the superbowl before the season started and it sucked having to wait so long but i did it thinking that ok well ill get the best odds before the season starts! Ended up breaking even after waiting for what seemed like forever!
  2. Hahahaha.

    I just hate making long term bets, even though that isn't SUPER long, I just hate waiting lol
  3. I am as well. Its a risk but I just feel that chip has something in store for him and figured he would fill the role better than anything they can get in the draft. We could become rich men!

    Or broke men!
  4. I'm tempted to bet he makes it lol
    go make some bets and win some money lol
  6. yeah, see thats how i feel on him too but i just have seen what our coaches have done with our back ups in the past and would be interested in seeing what they can do with him! I think there is a low chance and i understand they dont want 2 different offenses out there depending on what qb's out there but its not like we need to play him at all until he develops more into a qb! But at this point i think he's a better option than what we have on the roster now besides arod n maybe coleman but i havent seen too much of coleman only what ive read in the packers forum about him....
  7. At one time I did. I think if he ever made it back in the NFL it would be a top 5 most likely spot.

    I think Thompson would love him as a kid. McCarthy would love to work with him. if McCarthy and Tom Clements could "fix" him. They would be considered geniuses for decades. Granted, that's not really a putting the team first issue. I understand you don't want a backup you change the offense for but Tebow playing sandlot football would give us a better chance than Harrell.

    Steelers scout said he felt Tebow could be a Kuhn type player in 2 years of work on the bottom of the roster if he'd want to be a FB/RB hybrid but nobody would probably waste their time.

    If all this hubbub about Tebow getting fixed by these QB gurus is true, he needs to start releasing some tape to prove it. Beyond that I doubt anything he can do will get the ball rolling other than some time in the CFL or whatever league.
  8. do u think theres any chance at all that tebow could end up in gb?
  9. haha im surprised you didnt see that i had that qoute in my sig earlier. LOL i remember reading that thread and just refreshing it every couple min n watching you give 101 reasons why tebow could have started and you were correct in every one but yet that guy would just not admit it! That guy must have been sanchezs boyfriend lol
  10. some peoples kids haha
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