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Conversation Between ROY 2 MVP Braun and Quinnsanity

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  1. Few reasons for that post:

    1. I'm a contender in that game. It doesn't make sense for me to praise the move of another contender unless it's absolutely incredible. Doesn't help that I've feuded with GSW a lot during the game.

    2. In the context of the teams? Barnes and Middleton are pretty similar. Both would be low options for that specific team, making 3's and playing D. Barnes can do some more interesting things offensively, especially playing 4, Middleton's a better defender and has higher upside, but on the context of that team they're pretty similar. I'd rather have Middleton IRL because of that upside, but in this game they're very, very similar, and remember that Barnes has been constrained statistically by playing on that great GSW team in ways Middleton hasn't (ZERO chance he ever averages 18 on that team).

    3. The whole saga came off of GSW making some really bad decisions that will ultimately cost them the game. Wasn't gonna give credit for getting back to neutral.
  2. Was looking at the mock offseason trade threads and seen you posted that Middleton isn't better than Barnes an if he is it's not much. I'll say that Khris is super under-rated around the league among fans outside of Milwaukee and Detroit. After the Knight for MCW trade Middleton averaged 18+ ppg and shot over 40% from 3, and was a top 5 wing man defender. This upcoming season I could see him becoming more well known. Just figured I'd stop by n post this
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