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Conversation Between MarcCrawford and BranWingss

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  1. Nhlrd check ins
  2. Nhlrd up. Go signup
  3. Counterb
  4. Let me know the price
  5. Eh.
  6. Bogdan Yakimov(6.5c) + Anton Slepshyev(6.5c) for Matthias Tedenby(7.0c) + Blake Pietila (6.0b)

    Prospect trade?
  7. Want a midtier proapext ?
  8. At 2.5m I don't think Brunner is overpaid. I'd be cool will keeping some of his $, but I'd want an actual prospect in return. He's got a little bit of value
  9. Well
  10. I could offer the exact same deal really but a 5th instead at 50%
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