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Conversation Between Kevolu and Norm

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  1. No. I've debating getting one but I just don't have the motivation. I can't play on the sticks like I used to. I'd get rocked.
  2. Do you have an Xbone? I'll be getting Halo and Black Ops 3 when they're released in about 2-2.5 months but on the Xbox One, not PC. I need to build a new PC before I start buying massive games like those kind of shooters and survival games like DayZ and Ark.

    I'll buy Rocket League this week also though and we can hopefully play over the weekend. Been watching some game play and it looks legit.
  3. I'll get rocket league later this week. I got black ops 2 ages ago for cheap and I was playing it online for the first time yesterday kind of fun. Now I see the beta for the third one is almost out
  4. Get on steam sometimes. There's this new WW1 game out. Holy **** it's the ****ing ****.

    I'm so addicted. I think I have tomorrow off. If I do I'm rocking that **** all night.
  5. This Christian Kirksey for CLE is so insanely good for a rookie LB. I'm amazed right now.
  6. Then you have Harvin who played 20 snaps in the regular season and 68 snaps all season, including playoffs, last year. The last 3 seasons combined he has played 1100 snaps combined. That is basically 1 season worth of snaps.

    Cobb has had injury problems to but I don't see a big enough difference between them to take Harvin over Cobb considering Cobb has been far healthier and is nearly just as dynamic as Harvin.

    IMO that put GB's top 2 WR's in Nelson and Cobb over Seattles best WR. So their best WR is GB's 3rd best. Then you consider GB's #3 and #4 is quite possible better than Seattles 2nd best, this isn't even comparable.

    NFC West fans are... well NFC West fans. the last 2-3 years has become ridiculous with them. A couple years ago you would have struggled to even find them. They were just hiding in the shadows and are now out in full force.
  7. Exactly
  8. Baldwin was paid like a #3 WR because thats what he is. Baldwin is a consistent player without a high ceiling. He will run a clean route and catch the ball.

    Boykin(49) and Baldwin(50) had nearly the same amount of catches last year. Boykin had more YAC and 10 more MT's than Baldwin. Boykin had 12 to Baldwins 2. 2 is pretty bad but also Boykin's 12 was VERY good. IMO that was the most surprising part of Boykins game. He is very good after the catch. Boykin started rough with a couple drops right away but after that was insanely consistent with his hands.

    I honestly think it'd be a good competition for the #3 spot between Boykin and Baldwin but I'd actually put my money on Boykin. Much better size and more dangerous after the catch. Baldwin on a far worse WR unit can barely out produce most #3's around the league. Boykin barely played half the season and put up similar catches, yards, and TD's
  9. I barely think Baldwin is better than Boykin lol I don't have the heart to say it to that guy though
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