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Conversation Between ******2017 and More-Than-Most

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  1. lol I stopped

    He is gonna go bonkers.
  2. Hey we do have a song cubby and its beautiful
  3. Yup...I am in many other areas of the site and those ******** rules are never enforced. Its an off topic thread and I will not be used as an example because someone is butthurt. I am done in there until NBA/SI or whoever gets the stick out of their arse.
  4. Lol I hate when people take their anger out on me
  5. They gonna get shalacked while ND goes on to the national title game baby
  6. Haha I hate you but I hate him more so that makes me happy... Braun--->Kemp.... Your fantasy team----->His.
  7. No... I will not curse the cards
  8. No...I want them to win lol
  9. Lol Sanchez tossed a pick to end the game and give me a 1 point lead in Fantasy...SUCK IT
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