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Conversation Between Randy West and dbroncos78087

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  1. Exactly, I think the saying goes "disagree without being disagreeable". As long as people respect some of the basic human dignities (treating everyone like people), then I can talk with you.

    My basic philosophy.
  2. For sure man, all we are doing is discussing the issues and different sides of it. I can appreciate almost everyone's outlook on the situation and like hearing how they see it through their eyes.

    The time for arguing and fighting is over, coming together for the good of all is at hand. I see record profits and premiums still rising and I have to stop and wonder though.
  3. Ok good. I appreciate that we disagree on somethings but I always like to have an honest discussion and try to word what I post as best as I can.

    Sorry to hear about the dog bite.
  4. You didn't imply that, I knew what you meant and probably should have worded my response better. Heck I was bitten by a dog a couple months back so I am fully aware of there always being a need for emergency rooms insured or not.
  5. If I implied that the mandate will eliminate the need for emergency rooms, then I erred very badly and worded my statement terribly.

    My only intention in that line of posting was to say that if you get more people into the system and focused on preventative measures, then the visits to the emergency room will become less severe and less costly. Which I believe is a win-win.
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