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Conversation Between bigsams50 and NBA_Starter

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  1. cool
  2. I think it will help. Hell, next year i'll be back home too. So i wont have to stay up until 2,3 am everynight lol
  3. It's cool, hopefully when we change back our name to Hornets we will see some new posters and more activity.
  4. I just saw the VM. I haven't really been on that much lately. I'll try to post as often as i can
  5. Come post in the Bobcats / Nets thread tonight
  6. Yup they did. I was able to catch the first half. Thank god i missed the second half
  7. Cats looking good tonight so far
  8. 7 in the US, is 2 A.M. here. Basically makes i impossible to watch most games. I will watch the first quarter of todays game though. So i'll be apart of the party
  9. np, yeah man we miss you , so around 7 in US is morning there?
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