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Conversation Between king4day and Mile High Champ

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  1. Please sticky this thread. Thanks
  2. please sticky this thread. Thank you.
  3. Can you please sticky the #3 PG discussion thread. Every year we have put a sticky on the thread but so far this year it really has not happened. I would love for as many people to see the thread and participate. Thanks.
  4. Please sticky. It is that time of year again.
  5. #7 PG poll is up, can you sticky it and remove and close number 6? Thanks
  6. Can you sticky the Number 5 PG thread and close the number 4 PG thread. Thanks.
  7. Can you please sticky the NBA Redraft sign ups in the NBA forum.

  8. Thanks man, the golden state -
    San Antonio thread can be unstuck.
  9. Hey sorry just saw your request. I'm guessiing I stuck an older draft. Can you let me know which one to unstick?
  10. Can you please sticky the two redraft playoff matchups in the nba forum? usually x_notorious would but he is offline. Can you please do this? thank you!

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