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Conversation Between Hawkeye15 and SteBO

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  1. they just blow my mind. Like how biased can you be?

    They wonder why I hate the Lakers..
  2. Yeah. The two posters you were battling represent what I hate the most in sports fans....also the reason I'm an NBA fan first before I am a Heat fan.
  3. how so? Because of the laker crap?
  4. You're a real that?
  5. I think you knew exactly what you were getting into w/ Beasley. At this point he'll be another Corey Maggette type player just with a better jumper and no defense whatsoever. I don't know much about AR, but I do know that Darko had been a lost cause for years. Admittedly, I wanted Darko on MIA because I knew his size and at least competent offensive game could help, but then I see him getting no PT at all in Boston and now he's out of the league.

    Love hasn't had anywhere close to a playoff caliber supporting cast around him, and he without question has done his best to carry this team. Luckily, you guys have him locked up for the next 2-3 years so there's still a chance to turn things around for sure. Love isn't 'Bron, but he isn't just a stat-sheet stuffer either. How these posters assume he just fills the stat sheet on a losing(no offense) team with no intent to try and win games is beyond my reasoning.......
  6. Love's stats are incredible, and outside of 40 games last year, he has played for Rambis, with no help in the slightest. I mean, look at the cast-offs we cut this year, who got major minutes. Wes started 64 games, he has played 33 minutes this year. Beasley is averaging 12 ppg on terrible shooting. Randolph has barely played. Darko quit. The list goes on and on. Love is not LeBron. There is only one or two players at any given point that can drag a bad roster to a winning record. And I would venture to say Love has played with far less help than even LeBron did in Cleveland. It just pisses me off, to the point of apathy now. I really don't care. I will just watch the Wolves, if they make the playoffs with him leading, I will then re-visit the opinions.
  7. Ha. Yeah probably the best way to go. I feel the way at times when it comes to 'Bron. Too many posters are just too lazy to evaluate circumstances and statistics properly and put the two together, and instead end up creating a one-sided view of their own.
  8. meh, not irritated, just done with it. I will just stop responding all together I suppose. Been defending the guy for years, just tired of it at this point.
  9. You okay man? I see you're getting irritated by the Love critics. Can't let the irritants get to you like that.
  10. Yeah I agree. Personally I don't have them winning anymore than 4 games this year. We get the 49ers one game, Pats twice, Texans, Raiders are light years better than us. Going to be a long year, but if Tannehill pans out, I can eventually stomach it.
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