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Conversation Between Hawkeye15 and Vinylman

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  1. The Gray Race, b

    Recipe is good too. It is actually one of their best albums imo.

    Punk music in the office....haha. May as well follow it up with 90's rap
  2. Stranger was a great album when all the Seattle stuff was in full swing... it is very raw and not over produced... back to the Bad Religion in your face aggression from the early albums. my favorite song lyrically is Handshake... it is more spot on than ever.

    Did you listen to Gray Race? (Ten in 2010)

    I saw you said you listened to Nofx ... they are awesome and funny with their idolizing of BR

    you inspired me ... I am blasting Recipe for Hate at the office and people are like WTF? You can do that when you own the business lol
  3. I listened to Stranger than Fiction on the way home yesterday. 10 in 2010 is so good dude.

    "Have's and Have Not's, Together at last....Brutally engaged in mortal combat"

    Love that band
  4. I fit that mold as well (fiscally conservative, socially liberal, want individual liberties protected at all costs).

    I liked Social D, Pennywise, NoFx, Operation Ivy, and some others, but Bad Religion was my favorite.

    You sound like my brother. He collects so much music, and music related material, it's crazy. I have that issue with martial arts haha, whatever, the woman can deal with it...

    Have fun dude, the Melvin's are awesome
  5. Yeah... I am not a classic liberal although I graduated from Berkeley and definitely lean left on social issues... I am pretty much a libertarian as the political process is so ****ing corrupt in the US.

    Anyway, Greg and the boys are awesome...Brian Baker played in one of my favorite bands... minor threat. I was fortunate to be in junior high when the punk scene hit so I saw all the great west coast bands... minutemen, black flag, circle jerks, BR, Social D, Dead Kennedys, Agent Orange, Descendents, germs. I liked a lot of the Midwest stuff husker du, replacements, etc.. and of course east coast minor threat, bad brains, etc..

    I could blow your mind with all the music stuff I collect at this point... needless to say I have over 25,000 vinyl LP's and probably 5000 silkscreened show posters from the late 60s to current... my wife hates it but I have it in 2 rooms in the house so she just stays out LOL

    Going to see the melvins saturday... should be a great show
  6. that band got me through the years 1992-1994 haha. I love them. And I am not even close to liberal (their lyrics are slightlyyyyyy liberal). I'll admit I didn't listen to a lot of their stuff post 2000-ish. But Against the Grain, No Control, Suffer, Generator, Recipe for Hate, the Grey Race, and Stranger than Fiction were all albums I probably listened to a thousand times. God I love that band
  7. of course it is a BR reference...

    snuck out of the house when I was a Junior in HS and drove 55 miles from Santa Barbara to the valley just to see them... I use to see all the California punk bands.

    Saw them last year in St. Pete
  8. hey, is "10 in 2010" a reference to Bad Religion?
  9. please refer to the admins with any further complaints of moderation. If you feel that strongly about it, he will look into it, believe me.
  10. Classic... nice post by avenged. He comes running to you when someone points out he makes a terrible post... good impartiality by the mods...

    go ahead and delete this as i know there can be no dissension on PSD
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