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Conversation Between Hawkeye15 and Chronz

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  1. well, the Wolves won't be a top 4 team in the west, so that is a tough climb. The big advantage is that Durant/Curry are probably written off (same reason Bron was in his first Miami year). I wouldn't place any money on it personally, but that is because I am a shell shocked Wolves fan that expects KAT's kneecap to explode off his knee in the preseason, and hit Wiggins in the temple, causing brain damage. Wolves luck
  2. DUDE!!!!

    Have you seen the gambling lines on KAT winning MVP? What are the odds of that? Do you think I should throw some throwaway money on that cuz the odds are ridiculously good
  3. Havent seen him since the Clippers game but he grades out as the best bigman prospect ever. Have no thoughts at the moment but I really hope he and Davis become the next TD vs KG. This time your team should be on the winning side of it.

    Funny story, I have a 2K league with some friends, they all thought I was crazy when I traded AD for Towns. But within 2 years or so, they were basically at the same level only with him I was able to land mad talent in FA (love rookie contracts) and secured a 3-peat before having to see my team split up.
  4. what are your thoughts on Towns?
  5. Havent checked out any Minny games this year, hows Wiggins?
  6. I personally would not bang but it does seem to be the best deal I've heard for Westbrook. Wouldn't be shocked if it made both teams better tho
  7. Thoughts on the following lineup?

  8. sent a message to an Admin. SI should be on at some point today, he see it.
  9. i cant send PM's or post anywhere for some reason.
  10. Curious if you grade individual seasons the same way you viewed team success, lemme know in the MVP thread
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