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Conversation Between sneak and ZebraCity916

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  1. My Email is the same as last year,

    I'll play on what ever.
  2. Yo bro, my Email is the same as last year.

    I'll play on what ever gives us the most amount of players.
  3. Yeah, you're gonna win. Half my ****ing players are hurt!!! Such ********!!! I was 2nd the 1st year we did this, 3rd last year, and now I'm coming in 2nd again. Suck ********!!!!
  4. It's just me and you, now. Looking at the schedule, I think it's gonna come down to the last couple games.

    I'm coming for you!!!
  5. **** you, sneak!!! Beat me by 22 points!!!
  6. Send me your email in a private message on here and then you'll get the invite in your email. I'm inviting everyone right now. You're the only person left to invite. Haha
  7. How can I send you a private message with my email address? I was thinking it may be possible if we were friends here, but I am not sure.
  8. If I got your email, you're good. I'll send you an invite which will go to your email and then all you need to do is make an account.
  9. What do you need from me to join the league? Or can I just pick your league and enter a password?
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