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Conversation Between GuySir and LionsFan..LOL

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  1. If they did I missed it lol.
  2. Did they tell the mods who the user was that exploited vBulletin and put the spam code in? I wanna know!
  3. Ha thanks! Usually when I put those things together the last thing I do is put the images in. Everytime I put the images in first I always forget to put in the info because I assumed the thing was done lol
  4. Rick Porcello GOAT
  5. That's actually a good idea. I think he might though if the new one only has like 20 posts.
  6. You should create a new Tigers OTT and see if he figures it out
  7. Gramburger?
  8. Whoa, he has a GF? That's shocking I'll bet it was awkward as hell when he streaked outta the bathroom and caught her making out with his dad.
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