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Conversation Between metswon69 and Jeffy25

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  1. I removed it. Thought twice on it
  2. Well you're not helping your cause with that last post you made in the Carlos Martinez thread. I would suggest you edit it some and let us take care of it, which I promise you it's currently being spoken about in detail. Its not worth the potential infraction.
  3. And fwiw, I was told to not respond directly to him. Nothing about avoiding threads he posts in.
  4. I sent you a pm
  5. Because you've told not to respond to his posts. It makes it more difficult for everyone including myself to defend your position. You were a mod. You know it takes some time to deal with things as we try to get as much input as possible. I'm trying to expedite the process and I totally agree with you that TA just does this to flame Cardinals fans.
  6. If it's so transparent, then why isn't anything being done about it?

    If you think he is doing it just to get a rise out of me, then doesn't that perfectly define the definition of trolling on this site?

    16. Trolling - 2 infraction points
    Please do not go in to any forum and post comments that are primarily intended to get a negative reaction or antagonize another poster. The trolling rules will be enforced in both the sports forums and the discussion forums. An example of trolling a sports forum would be going in to competitor’s team forum to boast about your team or trash their team.
  7. I don't care the consequences or otherwise. I have been reporting that **** all along and they absolutely ignore it. Nowhere else in this forum is such massive trolling of one organization allowed. It needed to be called out.
  8. Don't get so triggered man. It's not worth it. You know TA3 likes to post this anti Cardinal stuff just to get you going. If Carlos Martinez was anything else but a Cardinal, you wouldn't hear a word of this from him.

    He's very transparent.
  9. Have a great time!
  10. Hey just wanted to give you a headsup that i'll be on vacation the next 10 days after today. I'm going to Tijuana/Southern California (stateside) and maybe Vegas for a day with a few buddies so I won't be around the MLB forum.

    Anyway, here's hoping the morons don't come out in droves for the playoffs.
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