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Conversation Between metswon69 and YoungStuna

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  1. LOL I know right! Heís been a real debbie downer lately. I hope everything is good with him, but I canít do any better than this.
  2. I see JoeGamer has moved his annoying **** from me to you. I'm sorry. My deepest sympathies. I fall for it too though. You've destroyed his arguments left and right but he isn't going to let go.
  3. Thanks for reporting that post lol but there is no use arguing with those guys. They have this mindset that you can suck at everything but as long as a player hits home runs and has a ton of RBIs , he's the greatest thing to walk the planet.
  4. Yeah I guess they were short on mods considering some had quit.
  5. Whoa you're a super mod now? lol that was fast.
  6. I only deleted your post because Mcfly would probably ***** about him being the one trolled and still going off topic on his own thread anyways. I know what you referring to but I also know he wouldn't stick to his own thread topic.
  7. 100% agreed. I just infracted him now. I get tired of people who are completely misinformed making dumbass blanket statements like that.
  8. Thanks, that **** needs to stop.
  9. Yeah if he keeps doing it I will infract him. In fact I might even send him one now.
  10. Not just a troll thread, but a troll poster too. He contributes nothing here.
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