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Conversation Between cHi8DaL5LA420 and dbroncos78087

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  1. your right i went over board i apologize.. this website means a lot to me.. i take stuff too personal.. sorry i dont want any problems
  2. So you think your comments were justified? Please explain how calling someone what you did and saying they need their face smashed in his justified. Everyone else was able to maintain civility.
  3. you dont make any sense... your just out to give people a hard time...especially the dallas cowboys fans
  4. ya but you allow people to talk **** about players and put up fake sigs and claim it is someone... this is bull **** o well i dont really care i made my point
  5. mightve been over the line.... but you and i both know basketball is not fixed... that thread shouldve never been allowed... its garbage and its purely guys need to delete stupid *** threads like that
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