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Conversation Between cHi8DaL5LA420 and dbroncos78087

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  1. That is your opinion.
  2. your acting like a spoiled little brat right now.
  3. We had a thread about wanting jj watt over tyron smith... And a poll was even created... Jj watt isn't a cowboys player. Your completely out of line here. Way out of line cool guy
  4. He still isn't a Cowboy player.
  5. YA , well I just messaged fred and told him it was bs that you kept deleting my thread... this guys is #1 on our draft board, therefore it is a big deal to us. STOP BEING RUDE AND DELETING MY THREAD. I don't know what your deal is, but act your age, we are talking about a #1 prospect for us who just got arrested, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, You need to take a CHILLPILL
  6. But he isn't a Cowboy, so it doesn't belong there. I messaged Fred and if he has a problem with it then he can undelete it. But a guy that doesn't play for them or a rival has no place in the team forum.
  7. this guy is #1 on our draft board... what the hell are you talking about??
  8. He was banned linked to a couple other accounts. I wasnt fully involved in it but he had been on a last chance for some time. His ban wasnt linked to posting images other than the previous ones, same thing with the duplicate. I realize this doesnt provide all the details but this is the basis of it.
  9. is there anyway we could possibly get primetime unbanned... he was one of our faithfuls he has been on here for awhile... i dont know what he did i heard he posted a picture or something and then made duplicate accounts... i was just wondering hes a real good guy if it wasnt for him we wouldnt have all these matching sigs going around... were gonna try to petition him back... hes a good guy and i dont think that is fair for him to be permantley banned for posting a picture and duplicate accounts... i mean maybe 6 months but lifetime ban is a little harsh... i appreciate your help and you reading this i konw your a busy man... thanks
  10. Thank you. I understand that his comments were a bit over the top. But the guy is a Raider fan he doesnt need us piling on.
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