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Conversation Between mwoodri and kingbrentg

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  1. Fair enough, thanks for the reply.
  2. Yes, but there are several other Moderators that have power in here. I have no idea who moved the thread, but I have no way of moving it back.
  3. I have no way of telling who moved are the first mod listed in the Bulls forum, no? Not trying to bust any balls here, I just think that a story like that shouldn't be buried in a 45 page OT thread.
  4. Um, okay? Except I didn't do that? I wasn't even online at the time.
  5. I think it is pretty stupid to bury a cool story about an autistic teen having a perfect bracket in one of the most unpredictable NCAA tournaments in a 45 page OT thread where it will never get read by the majority of forum members and yet you let these idiotic threads like "have you ever seen a player improve this much" or "would you trade Rose for x player" for the umpteenth time remain as threads.
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