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Conversation Between Cal827 and Eagles4Lyfe

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  1. That's pretty cool there Eagles, of course I'm going to support, what's good? I've been as inconsistent as Rudy Gay over bit when it comes to PSD.
  2. Cally yo rep your fellow lover Eagles
  3. Yeah man, I'm sorry for being a bit away from the OT thread. I've been occupied with feeding trolls in the other forums, as well as trying to shove a pine cone in Mitt Romney's throat to clog the ***** from overflowing into Canada.

    You guys should be fine. Right now, your team could very well be 0-3, but you got 2 wins from them. Last year, you guys had no luck, I remember you guys losing a bunch of games that you had leads in and just had bad luck (including that offside vs the Bills last year lol). Unless Vick continues to suck balls, you guys should be 1 or 2 in that division.

    Buffalo winning the Superbowl?! We haven't been in the playoffs since that goddamn Music City Miracle . I just want to see them get in. Once there, hopefully I will be called in to ref the games. I might have a huge bias for Buffalol, but still probably better than these piece of **** replacement refs. It's like watching a Knicks-Nets game where the Referees are DoMeFavors and NySpirit
  4. ayyyyyyyyy you responded..
    lmao buffablow ive never heard that name before such a crazy name haha...

    My teams iight my fellow fans are panicking like lifes over. Im so happy for Buffalo i sprinkled a little on them to win it all
  5. Lol you guys hate each other? Wow, both of you seem so chill.... Don't worry, in the near future, I'll try to get you guys to make up.... or get permabanned trying

    Anyways, you must be pretty happy with your team's start. Vick has had problems, but you guys are still 2-1. That division is open for anybody too. We can go laugh at ToRapz's 'Aints and Saddlers Colts Well for me, I'll probably have about 3 weeks, until Buffablow ends up below both teams in the standings.
  6. my enemy is baiting you on your wall ehh
  7. aww man lol im serious though n really mean it when I say i die laughing from your posts there sooo classic n too jokes man.
    How old are you?? You seem like a **** load of fun your real life friends must be thankful ehh
  8. Mago beat me to it with his Flop city OT thread. I'll make one next time.... I'll have more crap to work with... just let me hear more from the homers in the sport forums and I should have something good.
  9. oh yaaaaaaaaaaaa lmfaooo oh man i still remember that an all time classic hahaha.. Bro cmon new OT thread time please do the favours and make an awesome hilarious titlle
  10. Lmao, awesome... that's the second time I've been sig quoted...the first quote involved the similarities between Kim Kardashian and the NBA
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