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Conversation Between dhopisthename and jrice9

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  1. btw neither denver gm has responded yet
  2. k
  3. thats what I was thinking but wanted to make sure
  4. no chance
  5. they offered beirdrins for blair, bonner, and a 1st
  6. Anything happen
  7. I would be fine with doing claims and going to send you a pm of my aim account name
  8. Would you do the claims for our team?

    I can also fill you in on some of the negotiations we're having regarding trades and you can give me your thoughts.

    Do you have AIM (a bit faster than this)
  9. I would be willing to do as much as you are willing to give me
  10. I'm definately willing to delegate responsibility and let your prove yourself and give you a chance to get one of the next full gm spots (people will drop like flies eventually)

    How much work/responsibility do you want
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