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Conversation Between BDawk4Prez and unleashthebeast

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  1. yo you just sent the trade back to me, make sure to PM it to wrench too
  2. Believe you're up
  3. If a guy makes a pick of someone that has already gone they're automatically skipped, so you can pick
  4. let me get this pick. I'll give you my 10 and 11 for this pick and a 13
  5. You're otc
  6. check in for the redraft. If you dont want your team name to be "BDawk's Team", check in with a team name too. lol
  7. Asking price on Verner?
  8. any interest in working out a freeney deal?
  9. Hmm. What kind of McClain deal would you do?
  10. No thanks.
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