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Conversation Between BDawk4Prez and Norm

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  1. Oh nothing. I just said how does Matthews being cut because of injury prove you were right about him as a player in your mind. Then I remembered I would laugh if he died and I didn't want to talk to him
  2. What did the deleted posts about bullseyes in the Jordan Matthews chat say lol.
  3. Don't talk to hallzi.. He's a moron
  4. He's just angry. I think he just enjoys getting in arguments so he just says all random trash.
  5. Hes so clueless.
  6. I almost went off on him today but I know he will report me and he might have to leave, I know he won't actually leave but whatever. Then there's something to make fun of him for. WHY DONT YOU LEAVE GM, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE WITH YOUR ONLINE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!
  7. Just come back a wreck his ***, please.
  8. every time I go into the main I want to puke.

    But I hadn't seen that Brady **** vid lol. That ruined my ****ing day. Jesus christ wtf
  9. Yeah, we need you back
  10. lol so you're the new me and GM picks on you now?

    I bet you anything in the world that dude is a super weird angry at the world introvert, he projects so ****ing hard.
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