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Conversation Between jtsunami and KH12

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  1. Bulls forum mock-trade deadline sign-ups if you're interested!
  2. The DC in the rankings thread is all copied/based from the clubhouse thread. That is why there's a clubhouse deadline. If you make the playoffs, you get to do a write-up so you can say so and so will get x amount of minutes and all that.
  3. Can you just change it in the rankings thread?
  4. I can't make any DC changes, if you want to change the physical look of it that's fine but I can't swap a starter for a back-up or any of that stuff. Sorry man, but that is what the deadline was for and it wouldn't be fair.
  5. After some thinking, can you change my clubhouse and how it's listed in the ranking thread as:

    PG - Derrick Rose / Delonte West
    SG - Wes Matthews / JJ Redick
    SF - Paul George / Chase Budinger
    PF - Ryan Anderson / Derrick Williams / Drew Gooden
    C - Emeka Okafor / Ben Wallace / Jordan Hill
  6. Depth isn't the issue.
  7. You see any additional pieces we can add to get it done?
  8. Negative.
  9. I'm not interested in trading Gortat. Is there anyway you see accepting my offer? Cuz I'm running to the store soon.
  10. Gortat and Fields for Okafor and George is something I'd consider, but I'd still be iffy.
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