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Conversation Between Kinkotheclown and jetsforever

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  1. Ha I enjoyed it to be honest. It was a good laugh. But too many Tebow threads lol.
  2. I totally understand. I thought having the poll would be fun. Truthfully i'm bummed no one checked it our, i thought it would be good for a laugh.
  3. Gonna move your thread to the offtopic thread I love the Sanchez is satanic. Tis true.
  4. Haha ok fair enough. I understand people want to joke around and have fun and believe me, I'm tired of how politically correct everything on the internet (and in general the world has to be) so I have no problem. You having a better time is better for the forum than you being angry and not being able to post the way you want to.
  5. I don't have a daughter. I said i would have daughter just for the sake of the win. lol
    I will do my best. But I will not take any offense to things you delete. I'm not the best at elf censorship. Not am I PC in the slightest. I think we as a society are too easily offended. What I hate, is meanness. So I will do my best and understand you need to do your job. :-)
  6. Actually, your one post in the Giants thread (you mentioned something about your daughter among other things) was pushing it a bit far. Someone was offended by it so I deleted it. Don't go too crazy like that in the future
  7. Cool. Thanks
  8. You were really just for quoting deleted posts. Your posts were fine, you were being nice and just defending the guy who made the thread. Nothing wrong with that.
  9. Hey man, if I was offensive, I apologize. But I didn't think I said anything that terrible to get deleted. I was only defending the thread creator's right to make one and not have people simply be nasty for the sake of it. What was it about my deleted posts that was over the line?
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