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Conversation Between Kinkotheclown and Hawkeye15

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  1. I've been doing more Qi gong (that include the Xing yi movements) than anything lately but I did mostly Tai qi and Ba gua with my teacher. He's not from a specific school but his teacher is a guy named Wilson out of Va. He's the "1 room schoolhouse"

    My teacher kind of taught everything together. 1 day I'd go to the park and we'd do 3 hours of short form and some push hands and the next time it would be all ba gua. He'd give plenty of homework so I'd do tons of work on my own. I feel like with those arts, that's the most important work in many ways. The simple discoveries of which finger is moving with which toe and how within the same shape, changes in the push-pull forces, completely change the application.
  2. I replied to your post in the "do-over" thread, but realized it was easier to do this. What kind of experience do you have in chinese martial arts? What have you practiced, and what do you currently practice? Like any of it more than others?
  3. Sorry. Too funny to resist.
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