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Conversation Between dhopisthename and Raps18-19 Champ

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  1. we got another offer that interests us. if it falls through we would likley go for jones
  2. I assume you still don't like Jones?
  3. I assume you dont like Dantley or Jones enough to do that?
  4. You interested in Sam Jones maybe instead of Dantley? Move Baylor to SF and put Sam Jones to SG. He didn't play in a 3 point like but he was a great defender and was clutch.
  5. Ah, okay. Well let me know if you can work around something
  6. yeah, the problem is we wanted a defensive guy and someone who can shoot 3's and he does neither
  7. You guys still considering my offer?
  8. Sam Jones interest you for 1 of your wiungs based?
  9. Otc
  10. otc
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