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Conversation Between dhopisthename and Raps18-19 Champ

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  1. BTW, who are you leaning towards for the base? Jones or Dantley?
  2. Ok thanks, let me know. I'll sleep around 12:30 AM est so like an hour and a half I'll be on if you want to deal tonight or else wait until tomorrow but ideally we deal tonight since the deadline is tomorrow.
  3. just have one more trade avenue if that fails will do this deal
  4. Hey any news?
  5. Not yet
  6. Any nrws?
  7. well the deal would involve unseld, but we would know by then
  8. Ah. I got work all day tomorro so I might not be able to make a trade until like 11pm tomorrow. But you are okay with the deal though right?
  9. idk. looks like he logged off :/
  10. You know how long you'll know by?
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