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Conversation Between DW3421 and Hawkeye15

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  1. I was giving my daughter a bath during the lottery, but the expected happened....
  2. Part of me feels like the NBA owes us after years of being screwed, but realistically we will end up at 10. I do have a sneaky feeling of a move up, but knowing our history and the fact that it is a 3 player draft, we will get number 4 if we do move up. I'm coaching my daughters soccer team until 7 tonight, so I should be home just in time to feel the disappointment.
  3. where are we landing in the draft tonight dude? Prediction...
  4. I agree with you Hawk I was just pointing out the West is tough as hell and a lot of the teams are young as well. Also you know I like Okafor better than Towns and there is no way I would say he could be a top 10 player in a few years before I watch him play a game in the NBA and he was the best player on the national champs. So obviously I would take issue with anyone saying Towns could be top 10 before watching him against NBA opponents, he has a lot to prove.

    Now Wiggins, I believe he will be top 10 and if he improves his handles top 3 and that alone could turn us into contenders. Now with the side pieces like Lavine, Bazz and Jones it just scares me that when we mature it may be hard to hang on to and sign these guys.
  5. hey bro,

    I have been a Wolves fan since I was 13 and they started here. I am about the most reserved believer there is after our ****** history.

    I am telling you, the uprising is coming. Not this year, maybe not next. But this core is going to be special. I finally believe the front office has done what needs to be done to put a team on the floor for the next decade that will be great. After obvious growing pains.
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