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Conversation Between Wrench and rapjuicer06

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  1. Lol alrightly think we got one more anyways. Can't take the game too hard, I just play to have fun and pass the time.
  2. Not this year, I'm too crazy for it lol. Something always makes me go nuts
  3. Play the NFL Mock? Only need one more.
  4. We are on 33 now, you can pick
  5. You pick at 3PM for sure 100% just so your ready.
  6. You can pick starting at 9:08 in the mock. Make sure you have pick 34.
  7. Your up in the mock, 1st round pick 31. Make sure that is your pick.
  8. Otc with 123
  9. otc in the draft
  10. You're up
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