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Conversation Between Aust and GREATNESS ONE

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  1. What I would suggest is to have a thread created where pic suggestions can be made and a consensus can be reached and then everyone comes together wearing that image.
  2. Hey bro, can you help us create a Unifying Kobe Sig.... we want to unite as one for Kobe but not many of us have much experience building awesome sigs?
  3. Sorry for not responding. Life's been pretty hectic. I haven't been able to get on here in awhile.
  4. Hey man, are you down to commish the Annual Lakers ATRD?
  5. Cool, just glad you're back and will be soon brother. Stay Up
  6. I don't have that kind of power. If you want to nominate someone, msg Rush.
  7. There you are! ok good, we need help, lots of trolls taking away the magic from the best basketball forum on PSD. Maybe bump up LG?
  8. I'll be able to come on daily once training camp starts in a few weeks. Admins may add another person.
  9. Aust, please passs Mod duties bro, I got a lot of love for you and respect but we need someone active please!
  10. Aust, play in the LATRD game!
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