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Conversation Between BRAVE KID and ugafan

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  1. , good to see you're still around and I, too, hope everything is going well in your neck of the woods.

    Just got notice of that deal...oh my. Something to celebrate..finally.
  2. Hope you're well man. THE MILLER DEAL!! HOLY ****!
  3. wouldn't know. I don't have it.
  4. Just making sure, is working for you yes?
  5. Just a waste of a season man completely blew it...just like the Braves in their one play-off game. Last year, I could look back and smile. This year..the complete opposite.

    Hope you guys learn from us. Come ready to play and attack. If you play not to will lose. So many things I can bring up and pinpoint...I don't want to bore you.

    Good luck.
  6. I feel for ya man, I was frustrated for you watching the game. Some questionable decisions.

    Nervous about the Falcons game tomorrow too.
  7. I'm surprised you guys even ran that much to be honest. Ryan could sleep back there. It just didn't seem like they were ready for the noise and shuffling on defense. Brilliant job by Mike Nolan. You got an excellent team.
  8. what an ugly game. i'll take the win but just bad to watch. see what I mean about Turner though? got nothing until that 1 late run.
  9. From watching him every day, I can tell you he's done. ask any falcons fan and they'll tell you the same. he was good his first two years here but since then, they've been empty yards. I'm hoping we can take advantage of that matchup as well as Harry Douglas in the slot. Demaryius Thomas is gonna be tough to stop. Grimes is good but thomas is bigger and faster. all of this is on paper though, we'll have to wait til next Monday to see the execution
  10. back to back 1,300 yard rushing seasons and he's considered done?? Dang man, you have incredible expectations for your RB's, lol. That air attack is matchup you have is with Tony Gonzalez...we got no-one that can cover that. We'll try a LB..then get killed.
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