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Conversation Between spliff(TONE) and ThomasTomasz

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  1. Is there something you wanted to discuss with me? It's a bit tough to answer your questions when you immediately locked the thread you posted them in. Kinda feels like you just wanted to vent and then not allow me to speak for myself.

    There was zero need to lock that thread and freak out like you did. Taking stuff personal that really wasn't directed at you and acting like I'm the bad guy for actually trying to get to the bottom of a situation that people were likely curious about.
  2. Roger that.
  3. MTM was referring to MetsJetsIsles guy in his post, not one of the Dodger fans.
  4. Wow....finally.
  5. Okay but one request on my behalf: please stop acting like this is anyone's fault but his. Maybe for once throw him some infractions and/or bans and he'll learn. One of the most annoying and least liked guys on this site who is always complained about but basically nothing is ever done about. You guys have enabled this stupid charade of his for years.
  6. Please dont add to this
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