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Conversation Between spliff(TONE) and koldjerky

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  1. Yeah, Kapler sucks balls as a manager. Proving as much almost daily.
  2. I was debating whether or not to add Kershaw and/or Seager. Should've added them to be more transparent.
  3. Lol....didn't catch that until now actually. A bit too subtle for a ciabatta impression maybe; he's generally 100% transparent in his trolling (and then plays dumb and/or victim when called on it).
  4. I'm hurt that you didn't acknowledge my best ciabatta impression in the regress thread.
  5. Right answer!
  6. Home base fosho
  7. Well, I'll definitely give it a try.
  8. I've only read the first book of the trilogy despite owning all three for years. Have heard the other two aren't even close to as good as the first. Tough to say if it's a difficult read; the one person I lent it to (who never gave it back) said it was too weird for them and they gave up on it super early. I blew through it quick during a trip to Costa Rica where I read like 7 full length novels within three weeks. Generally I'm not a big reader and have fully given up on books I wasn't feeling in the past.
  9. Kinda head pounding isn't it?

    Side Note: Saw your post about PKD so I read up a little on VALIS. Supposedly it's part of a quasi-trilogy? I said in my post I'm not a huge reader but if something catches my attention, I'll give it a go. You said VALIS was a trippy read, is it a difficult read for someone like me or do you think it'd be worth giving a go regardless of my reading tendencies? Also, would you recommend the 'trilogy'?
  10. Real cute seeing a certain someone taking an obviously phony stand against trolling.
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