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Conversation Between gilly and NYKalltheway

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  1. All time soccer redraft signups! Post if you want to participate
  2. you need to rank the teams of the opposing conference so that we can kick off with the voting
  3. you are up in soccer redraft
  4. you're up man
  5. you're up in soccer redraft
  6. you're up man
  7. yeah I understand that, life doesn't start and end on psd but it does seem a bit uncool to make people wait for a whole day sometimes
  8. Sorry about being late all the time, this weekend has been special circumstances cause I've been helping my dad move and totally forgot about the redraft. I'll be online everyday pretty much to draft from now on.
  9. hey man, if you can't be around very often send in a list of 6-7 people to Avenged24 or Kakaroach. It's unfair for the rest of us who stay online and wait for the procedure
  10. you're up in a while so if you come online and it's not your turn yet send a list via pm to Kakaroach and Avenged24 so the rest of us don't have to wait
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