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Conversation Between DeeJay and Sportfan

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  1. Why? Jameer>Felton Miles>Pick OTC Gay>Ariza and Charlie V<<<Horord. It's fair!

    What about something Jameer/Felton based?
  2. Getting revenge!!!!

    But I actually have a good offer to make he just has a mancrush on horford

    Rudy Gay, Jameer Nelson CJ Miles and Charlie V for Al Horford Raymond Felton Trevor Ariza and the pick OTC
  3. Well he hasn't made his pick from like a day ago lolz

    Or you can do what Devils07 did 2 days ago when his co traded behind is back, and make another stupid trade to piss him off
  4. are you still GM?

    you should trade with me still, I'll be your best friend
  5. ill discuss with you, to make sure you guys agree!
  6. Brook/Horford type deal?
  7. re offer: trying to move up, not down...
  8. my double 3's for your 2nd and 4th?
  9. re offer: we dont want to move our first round pick.
  10. My 2 and 3 for your 1 and 5?
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