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Conversation Between Thatruth32 and oracle650

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  1. u get the pics bruh?
  2. sent u an email with few pics of my lil girl .. peep and do the same
  3. yea my email is hit me
  4. thats whats up fam.. my lil one dropped 4/10/11 went and got her tatted over my heart and **** too pretty clean.. i went to the game last nite copped her lil panda hat lol we have to exchange pics or something soon i thnk i still got ur email .... in my gmail... it was anythony something i think
  5. props my dude yea. my girl popped on the 16th of may. had a lil taurus girl. congrats pimpin. wut's ur daughter's birthday? yea I got my girl some A's gear. hard to find that warriors gear. I'mma bout to cop my good ole Raider gear. Well keep in touch friend. stay up pimp shoe!
  6. what fam ult warrior just got at me said u just had ur baby girl? he said june 16th but its the 9th lol so i dont know if she due then or u already had her.. i just had my lil girl in april.. congrats either way fam.. she was my first i already got her gear niners giants warriors like whhhhhhhhhaaaa
  7. that's dope I thought about that. props to your giants, now the bay is truly city of champs. when you combine the o & and the sco. now it's time for the sharks to do the damn thing!
  8. hey i dont think i told u but i added to my tat this past friday i added the trophies to it.. im not good on the cpu i could take a pic and email it to u? i really want it in my sig but not even sure how to do that lol
  9. yea it's electric in the bay rite now! your giants just won the ws, Raiders playing good, and the dubs look damn good. your boys gotta big game vs the lambs! good luck truth.
  10. sup fam... yea dubs lookin really good i called 7-3 for the first 10 games so far its look good ur boys looking good to at 5-4
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