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Conversation Between don'tfireNedCo and Hawkeye15

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  1. I read it all bro, before I commented. You are a very intelligent poster, I was only trying to steer you back to your normal posting dude. Thanks for moving on from that "scuffle", there is no reason to let anyone on this site, even if its a Super Mod, to get you worked up enough that uneeded punishment occurs.

    Cheers man

  2. Ned, I know you may not agree with your recent infraction, but a few of your posts right back at the moderator who infracted you have been pretty unwarranted. There is no reason to just not move on, or at least stop with the "poor white me" thing please. I know you from the Clips forum, and I know you are a much, much better poster than that. Just cool off man. If you would like to hit me back and give me some feedback, by all means do it. If there is something in there you don't want read by others, tell me, and I will delete the post right away after I view it.

    Thanks dude

  3. As far as PM's go, they will not return until enough positive posting trends earn it back.. You will need to be patient.


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