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Conversation Between Dade County and Cal827

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  1. So, our teams face off in round 2.

    After watching the series with the Pacers, my main question for you is, how are you going to prepare for Cleveland
  2. True lol.... about the Laker fans.
  3. Lol, I don't see anything to apologize about; that's your own personal decision. I actually thought that the Spurs would be a great choice for him overall too. Duncan/Pop could help him deal with his Immaturity issues, and eventually pass the team onto him. similar to what Robinson did with Duncan, but in that case there was much less issues on maturity.

    Looking at the forum right now, it looks like he might be signing with the Rockets. Should be interesting, cause Harden also is ball dominant (not as much as Kobe), and I'm wondering if that'll cause issues between the two. I'm also interested if Josh Smith goes to Houston via S/T for Asik and Maybe Lin.

    Either way, there are two things that we can be sure of: the celebration of Houston Fans, and the 125 threads of "Dwight Howard's a *****" from some of the more annoying Laker fans that inhabit this site.
  4. PSD will shut the **** down lmao! Where do you think Howard should sign?

    I think he should sign with OKC ( they would have to trade Ibaki and get rid of perk )... Or the Spurs; pop should be able to fix whats ever wrong with Howard.

    I like stacked teams sorry.
  5. Lol, that would definitely be something else. I can imagine what the NBA forum would become. It's already bad now, with all of the people who still complain about Lebron leaving Cleveland, and the big three forming together. Howard to the HEAT would pretty much make it a hellstorm of mad people and baiters
  6. remember I sent you my sig a while ago, about asking if you can clearly see if Howard is in my sig.

    Wouldn't it be crazy if the HEAT actually got Howard, after I had rocked this sig all year? ( I know it's not going to happen, but that would be crazy if it does).
  7. I can imagine that someone is still celebrating the HEAT's second title in a row hahaha, congratulations
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