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Conversation Between streetballa and Mr. Baller

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  1. lol i dont really know many upper classman. i am determined to find somebody though!
  2. That would suck, just need to find someone who is going to drop out that has one haha
  3. well i live an hour away so i wish i had my car so i could drive home for a weekend instead of having my parents come pick me up. Yeah parking does suck, I just need to find a way to get a parking permit lol.
  4. we have to, we are forced commuters, even though the parking situation sucks monkey balls
  5. its gonna be the new UC, they said it should be ready by next year.

    And at least as a law student you get to have your car on campus
  6. Ah cool, yeah I am one of those stuck up law students you see around campus ha...also wtf is up that construction
  7. oh because i go here, and i saw that you said you were going to miami in the vacation thread
  8. Yeah, I go to the law school there...but where did that come from?
  9. do you attend university of miami?
  10. Haha
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