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Conversation Between content-team and Norm

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  1. Lol, he didn't hack you. I speak to him on a messaging app. If he had hacked anything, he would have told me.

    Just so you know.

    (And I did not "aid" him. I've just had his AIM and facebook for ages) AKA, don't perma me.

    He says the permissions weren't set right.
  2. try this page sometime too:

    Not sure why they are coming out so late.

    There's no lines for anything Saturday yet. Yay......
  4. Okie dokie. Shall do and will do. Thanks.
  5. No problem. You can start putting in the weekend games for the top 25 ranked if you want. Create one thread for each day of games. Let me know if you have any issues.
  6. I didn't even bother for tomorrow for NCAAB. There's one ranked game, Wichita State and there's not even a line out for it. All the rest of the matchups are low level conf tourneys and I doubt we'd even get a play other than me on them. :/
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